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about us

Naama Spices – a leading Israeli spices provider
  Naama Spices was founded 1963 by Ovadia Naama in the Tikva neighborhood Tel-Aviv.

Naama Spices is a leading supplier of spices to more then 1,500 restaurants in Israel and worldwide.

From it's opening day, Naama spices has been providing natural spices, nuts and seeds that were of the finest quality in the market, with high availability and supply on demand ability.

During its 49 years of operation, Naama spices extended it's expertise to sell more products such as an assorted variety of dried fruits, candies and chocolate candies with the ability to customize products according to customer requirements.

In 2013, Naama spices will open a modern factory of 5,000 sqm reserved for roasting seeds and nuts, providing their customers with natural nuts, seeds, and spices of the highest quality.

Naama spices products can be divided into several main categories:

Spices: ground spices, whole spices, salt and spices herbs.
Nuts: roasted nuts, roasted nuts and munchies.
Dried fruit: Dried fruit on weight and special trays of dried fruit.
Candies: licorice, sour candies, jelly candies, chocolates, confectionery delight, baklava, marzipan and more.
Beans: More than 20 types of beans.
Ingredients from the Far East: sushi mats, seaweed sushi, Asian sauces, oils and more.

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